Building an Email List For Beginners

Email lists are a vital part of campaign life.  Integrating emails into your overall strategy of voter identification is a must.  Many of you may be asking, how to do I create an email list? How do I get started?

1-      Host events for like-minded individuals. Advertise for these events in groups that you are a member of whether it’s with coffee shop friends, Facebook group members or members of any community group.

2-      Speak at community meetings.  Whether this is the Sierra Club or a Tea Party meeting, it’s important to ask to be a speaker and to bring your own sign-up sheet.  Most people won’t contact you even though you give them a business card.

3-      Keep a list.  Whenever you host a meeting be sure to pass around a sign-up sheet, put it on a clipboard.  Be certain to pick it up at the end of the event.

4-      Ask local organizations for their list.  This is frequently a tough sell as groups don’t want to give out their list, so it may be easier to just ask the group to email their membership about an event you are hosting.

5-      Ask the party to send out an email or give you the list.  If you are the chosen candidate the party should be willing at the very least to send out emails to the other members of the party.

It is the campaigns responsibility to keep track of the list and make sure that anyone who signed up gets contacted immediately.  With a sign-up sheet it is always good practice to include a column asking if the individual would be interested in volunteering, or if they are just signing up for email alerts.

Building an email list is hard work and slow going but the results are limitless.  From donations to hard-core volunteers the rewards are well worth the effort.

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