Political Fundraising Online

By S. Daley Even today, the most effective way for political campaigns to raise money is still the ‘old-fashioned’ way – by making calls and holding events. Personal contacts and solicitation are still an integral part of the fundraising process and necessary for raising money. Online fundraising can be a … Continue Reading →

Political Pay Per Click Advertising Techniques

By S. Daley With your website indexed in the search engines and linked to from a variety of other sources, it will start to attract visitors and traffic. To reach out further and engage more people on the web may require some level of online advertising. Pay per click advertising … Continue Reading →

Building an Email List For Beginners

Email lists are a vital part of campaign life.  Integrating emails into your overall strategy of voter identification is a must.  Many of you may be asking, how to do I create an email list? How do I get started? 1-      Host events for like-minded individuals. Advertise for these events … Continue Reading →

5 Common Political Twitter Mistakes

By S. Daley Political campaigns have many reasons for using Twitter. They want to build overall public exposure, establish branding, share information and increase voter support. While Twitter is simple to set up and use as a social media tool, it’s not without its quirks. To attract and keep more … Continue Reading →

Days are Long, Months are Short

Avoid the trap of the long day but lackluster month. This is an inevitable occurrence on the campaign trail, increasingly long 15 hours days followed by weeks of the campaign feeling like it is not moving anywhere.  Trust yourself, if you feel like it’s not moving anywhere, guess what … … Continue Reading →